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Welcome to “Join to My” Productions! We are an end-to-end production Company.

“Join to My” Productions indulges in television shows, feature films, and captivating content that narrates stories capable of offering an impact on a global audience. Founded in 2022, Join my production has stormed up the Entertainment ladder by creating a plethora of.

ITFW is the first concept of a Beauty pageant in Reality. Owing to the diverse experience that sails with the core team, we assist in the entire technical and non- technical aspects of the production pipeline. Be it plot ideation, story execution, infusing key creative elements, or implementing effective production strategies.



Mr. Anurag Sharma

Founder of J2M Production is an entrepreneur of health & fitness industry. Since 3 years, he is passionately catering into gyming business. He has created benchmarks in national and state fitness festivals and power & body building championship. Mr. Anurag is now diversifying his
business into entertainment industry with a caliber of bringing India’s one of the biggest fashions & beauty platform.

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ITFW is India’s Premier fashion and beauty pageant experiencing and redefining the power of the youth movement and its ability…

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